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Local SEO for Remodelers: Ultimate Guide to Get More Local Clients

When discussing SEO for remodeling businesses, many overlook the importance of Google Maps and local search results. This digital space is crucial since it’s where most of your potential clients in your targeted area will look for remodeling services.

So, how can you secure the spot with maximum visibility in Google’s local search results?

The simple answer: local SEO.

The real answer: consistent local SEO with a solid strategy.

Below, we’ll look at 10 strategies to help your local SEO gain some traction. But first, let’s clarify some things.

What is Local SEO for Remodelers?

For remodeling businesses, local SEO means making sure your company’s Google Business Profile is fully optimized and you’re listed accurately across the web.

When optimized properly, your business shows up at the top of Google Maps when users look for remodeling services near them.

This top spot is called the “local-3 pack,” and it’s like a podium for your business where everyone will see it, whether they want to or not.

Every entry in the local-3 pack includes the business name, location, contact details, and, on mobile, the option to call the business directly.

By selecting an entry, you’ll access a detailed Google Maps view, showcasing additional relevant remodeling businesses and more details about the company you’re interested in.

If you’re looking to climb the ranks in local search results, consider these straightforward tactics:

For remodeling businesses looking to get ahead of their competition, paying attention to these ranking factors is key.

Next, let’s look at how to tailor your business listing to perform increasingly better and get you some high-quality leads.

1. Set Up Your Google Business Profile

The first step is to set up your Google Business Profile, or GBP, previously known as Google My Business. This is crucial because it shows up when a potential client looks online for “bathroom remodeler near me”.

Sometimes, you might find your business already exists. In that case, take control of the profile by verifying your address and update it with accurate information.

Once you’ve claimed your profile, enhancing its effectiveness is your next step.

Write a Clear Description

This step involves making your Google Business Profile as informative and appealing as possible to potential clients. Focus on how your remodeling services stand out, emphasizing your expertise and the quality of your work.

Describe your remodeling business succinctly within 750 characters. Mention your company’s name, the experience level of your lead remodeler, the types of remodeling projects you specialize in, the areas you serve, and any awards or recognition your business has received.

Here’s a guide on how to write Google Business Descriptions like a pro.

Selecting the Proper Category

Choose a main category that accurately reflects your business to improve your online visibility. You can also include additional services you offer in other categories. Make sure you’re as specific as possible.

Including Images

Add before-and-after photos of your projects to showcase your work.

Including pictures of your team, your workspace, and before-and-after shots of your projects can make your business profile more attractive to potential customers. 

These visuals allow future clients to see the quality of your work and who they’ll be collaborating with. Appealing photos can encourage them to reach out to you for their remodeling needs.

Use Google Posts & Updates

Stay connected with your customers by sharing the latest news about your remodeling business. Just like you update Facebook or Instagram, you can also post regularly on your Google Business Profile.

When you post, add photos or videos along with your message, and don’t forget to include a prompt for customers to respond or take action.

Answer Common Questions

Simply hit the “Ask a question” button on your Google Business Profile and type in your question. Once it’s live, respond to it with your answer. Keep adding questions and answers to cover all the frequent queries your clients might have about your remodeling services.

2. Get Your Remodeling Business Noticed Online

When we talk about citations, we mean any online mention of your business’s name, address, and phone number. Think of places like Yelp, Google Maps, Facebook, and industry-specific platforms like Houzz, NextDoor or HomeAdvisor. These mentions can help people find your remodeling business more easily and trust it more.

Boosting your online presence through local business listings is key to getting spotted by Google and drawing in more customers. Click here for a list of the top business directories for contractors and their importance.

These local listings not only put you on the map but can also directly bring in leads ready to be transformed into new projects, boosting your local search engine optimization efforts.

Here’s how remodeling companies can create local citations:

Do-It-Yourself Citation Building with Tools

Use tools like Moz Local or Yext to create and manage your listings.

Opting for a Citation Service

BrightLocal offers citation creation on a pay-per-service basis, making it a hassle-free option. It also allows you to sync your digital fronts, such as Google My Business, Facebook Pages, and others, ensuring they stay accurate and up-to-date.

3. Keep Your Business Info Consistent

It’s crucial to list your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) on these directories and ensure they’re the same across all platforms.

Inconsistent NAP info can confuse both customers and search engines, possibly directing them to the wrong information or not displaying your business at all.

Inaccurate business information can also deter potential customers, with 63% of consumers saying incorrect info would turn them away. Starting with consistent NAP information is essential.

4. Get Positive Reviews To Your GBP

For local businesses, feedback is like a personal nod of approval from your customers, with 98% of people valuing it as much as personal recommendations. While gathering feedback across various platforms is good, focus primarily on getting Google reviews.

This approach is about showcasing your reliability and leveraging trust to attract more customers to your remodeling business.

The best strategy is to always deliver outstanding remodeling services and exceed your client’s expectations, as 67% of them will likely leave a review after a positive experience.

However, don’t just wait for feedback to come in. A few days after completing a project, reach out to clients via email to request their reviews.

Also, it’s crucial to handle any negative feedback in a professional and timely manner. Aim to reduce poor experiences and demonstrate to potential clients your dedication to delivering top-notch results.

5. Make Your Website Local-Friendly

For remodeling companies operating in different areas, it’s important to tailor your website’s main page and specific service pages to your main location.

For example, for one of our remodeling business clients, we revamped their main website page to focus on their main service area: California. This area is highly competitive, so we also worked on building local links to boost their presence.

The outcome?

They experienced significant improvements in their local search rankings.

Their leads saw a notable increase.

6. Develop Web Pages for Local Search

Start by using a simple tool like Ahrefs to search for your services and areas. Look for search terms that locals might use and related to your business to improve your website’s visibility.

Consider the KD (Keyword Difficulty) and monthly search volume as guides to choosing the best terms for your site.

Focus this approach on remodeling services to attract more local customers online.

After pinpointing the main themes for your remodeling business’s service pages, the next step is to find related search terms for your content ideas. Simply type your specific remodeling service into a search term tool and look for commonly asked questions in the results.

This method uncovers the most asked questions regarding your service, providing you with valuable topics to cover on your website.

Most search terms people use want to learn something, making them great for your website’s articles or support pages. When people look these terms up, they’re hoping to find answers, so here’s your chance to show off what you know.

Our approach to creating content for websites, like those for remodeling businesses, follows this strategy. First, decide on the main subject you want your business to be known for online. Then, write additional pieces on related smaller topics.

7. Begin a Local Link Building Effort

Focusing on local link building means getting quality links from websites that are relevant to your area. A good first step is to list your remodeling business on online directories where you can share a link to your website on your profile.

An example of a remodeling company profile on a home improvement site.

One effective strategy is to connect with local home and lifestyle magazines. Some of these publications may allow you to sponsor an article where you can share insights about home remodeling trends that their readers will find valuable.

In return, you can get a link back to your website in the article’s author section once it’s live on their site.

8. Earn Google's Seal of Approval: Google Screened

For remodeling companies looking to stand out in local searches, being Google Screened is a game-changer. This program verifies your business license at no cost, ensuring that your services are highlighted at the top of local search results, even above other paid and organic entries.

To kick off with Google Screened for your remodeling business, start by checking out the requirements page to understand the screening and verification steps you need to follow.

Next, you should look into using local service ads (LSAs) to feature your business in top spots online. Even without paying for ads, your remodeling service might still catch attention when people click the “More [type of remodeling service] companies” link.

This action directs them to a specific page showcasing businesses in your field. Your company’s information could appear in the natural search results below the blue line on this page after a few weeks, enhancing your visibility.

9. Boost Your Online Presence Through Social Media

Even though your social media activity doesn’t directly determine your position on search engines, being active online can still support your marketing efforts. For remodeling businesses, it’s all about showcasing your projects and engaging with your community.

However, be mindful of the content you post, especially if it involves home transformations that might be sensitive for some homeowners.

How should you start with social media marketing? First, set up profiles on platforms where your potential clients are likely to be, such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Create a schedule for posting photos and updates of your projects and engage with your audience’s comments and messages.

Additionally, you can highlight any participation in home shows or local community events on social media—leading seamlessly to the next tip.

10. Get Involved in Local Community Events

For a remodeling business, getting involved in local events can significantly enhance your visibility and reputation within the community. Consider participating in home improvement fairs, sponsoring local community projects, or hosting workshops on DIY home remodeling.

These actions not only put your business in the spotlight but also demonstrate your commitment to the community.

For instance, a remodeling company might sponsor a local “Home of the Year” contest and gain recognition, not to mention the potential for mentions or links from local media or event websites.

By focusing on these strategies, remodeling businesses can build a strong local presence and engage effectively with potential clients.

Building a strong reputation in your community means that when homeowners need remodeling services, they’ll think of you first.

Key Questions Answered (Q&A) on Local SEO for Remodeling Companies

According to a survey by Whitespark, the top elements to focus on for a high local search ranking include: claiming and optimizing your Google Business Profile (32%), ensuring your website is easy to navigate and informative (19%), gathering positive customer feedback (16%), earning links from local businesses and media (11%), engaging users with quality content and interaction (8%), and getting your business listed correctly online (7%).

Use tools like TrackRight to monitor your remodeling company’s ranking for local search terms. Following the tips mentioned will help you determine whether your online visibility is improving. 

With the right data, you can pinpoint improvements for your target search terms and see how you stack up against competitors.

Seeing results from your local SEO efforts can take six to twelve months. If your website is already well-regarded and relevant to your services, you might see improvements in less than six months. 

However, reaching the top rankings for highly competitive areas could take up to a year.

Finding Trustworthy Local SEO Experts for Your Remodeling Business

Start by searching Google with your service area and “SEO” to find reputable agencies that specialize in local SEO for remodeling companies.

Start by exploring customer stories on their websites. Look for proof of their success, like before-and-after photos of remodels or data showing how their marketing efforts boosted business. It’s also smart to read reviews online and see how they handle less satisfied customers.

After you’ve picked a few top choices, set up a chat with them to really understand what they offer. Think about how these conversations go and which companies seem like they can really help your remodeling business shine.

You’re looking for a remodeling business marketing expert who can manage everything from start to finish, not just one piece of the puzzle.

Let's Talk About Boosting Your Remodeling Business

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