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More Than Just Running Ads

Contrary to popular belief, ads are not shortcuts or get-rich-quick schemes. Running ads in your business is a multiplier. If you’re at the right stage and can afford the investment, ads fuel the fire.

We take a holistic approach to marketing. Our ads elevate your brand and amplify what you do organically. Creating multiple touchpoints for users to contact you greatly increases the efficiency of your ads.

Types Of Paid Traffic Systems To Scale Your Business

People ask us all the time what type of ads to run. As long as your paid traffic channels provide a positive return on investment, you should try to achieve omnipresence in your market. You can see below the distinction between Google and Facebook ads.
Different types of ads work for different types of services, niches, and buyer journeys. Here are some of the most successful campaigns we strategize, create, and manage for you from scratch:

Google Ads

Great for sales:

Facebook Ads

Great for brand awareness:

How Ads Give You An Upper Hand

Competitive Advantage

Running ads strategically gives you a competitive edge, especially when other contractors in your niche or area aren’t doing it.

Increased Visibility

Ads create multiple opportunities for potential customers to be exposed and interact with your brand, building brand awareness faster.

Brand Recognition

The right kind of ads transform cold prospects into warmer prospects by nurturing them until your brand becomes familiar and established in their minds.

Predictable Acquisition

Like adding gas to a fire, efficient paid advertising can help you establish a more consistent flow of leads.

Targeted Reach

Whether it’s targeting higher-income neighborhoods or age-specific groups, ads allow you to market yourself to a specific audience, in a specific area.

Competitor Insights

Analyzing ad performance provides valuable insights into your competitor’s strategies, helping you refine your own approach and stay ahead.

Contractors Also Want To Know...

The answer to this depends on your goals.

If you’re in for the long haul, SEO is a proven tactic that helps you increase your site and Google Business Profile rankings, two of the most important quality-lead generation tools.

If your ads and sales reps are top-notch, you can easily make a profit from running Google and Facebook Ads.

With that being said, it’s important to see this as an ecosystem where everything is connected. Doing both SEO and ads will definitely give you an edge over most of your competitors.

We have multiple plans and they’re all connected to how much you’re looking to spend. Ad spend should be enough to generate some sort of meaningful result for your campaign. Spreading your budget thin between multiple campaigns is a sure way to fail.

At the same time, there’s no set-in-stone amount of money that’s guaranteed to get you results on demand. We do have well-planned strategies that get you valuable leads at the best price possible. We’ve seen results with budgets starting at $1,000, but if you want to scale fast and you have the resources, anywhere between $5k and $10k will be a game changer.

Generally, starting Spring until late Fall is the best time to run ads. This is when homeowners are looking to start their home improvement projects, so there’s a lot of potential leads out there.

We can’t guarantee a certain number of leads because it depends on so many factors.

The 3 most common are:

  • Seasonality is a big one, e.g. people don’t want to start a landscaping project in the winter.
  • Another big factor is the area you serve. We can almost guarantee a xeriscaping business will do great in Denver or Phoenix, but won’t perform as well in Washington State.
  • There’s also the matter of quality leads. We can make your phone ring 24/7, but we don’t want you to waste time with tire kickers or fence sitters
  • We are optimizing your ads weekly and adjust budgets, keywords, creatives, landing pages, and the entire funnel if need be. All to maximize your ROI and get you the leads that sell themselves.
Although we can build you a converting landing page, any of these leads will eventually search your website on Google. If your existing website doesn’t tell the same story as the advertisement, you’re very likely to lose a potential lead coming from ads. Tying your ads to your website is going to create more trust for both customers and Google. A good website is the foundation of all your marketing efforts.
Generally, Google ads bring better-qualified leads at a higher price. This is because here we can target specific keywords that your target audience searches for, so they already have the intent of buying. With Facebook, the situation is the exact opposite. We can get low-quality leads at a low price, because Facebook users don’t necessarily have the intent of buying.

After we’ll do a thorough analysis of the market in your area, we’ll come up with the Key Performance Indicators that we’re interested in.

Ultimately, what we want is to decrease the cost per conversion as much as possible while still getting you the same quality leads. We’ll measure everything, from the number of people who see the ad to the number of people who submit a form or call you directly.

Everything is transparent and you’ll have access to the same data we have – we’ll even explain everything for you.

For starters, your best chances lie with Google. The leads you’ll get from here will have a higher value and will be easier to sell, even if they’ll be more expensive. If your ad is selling a $60,000 remodel to a lead you paid $200 for, it’s already a win in everyone’s book.

As a rule of thumb, we wouldn’t run Facebook ads without having a campaign running on Google as well.

Running Ads For Contractors: Our Simple Process

While other agencies prioritize their growth, we filter our clients and like to keep it small to guarantee your success. We only take on about 50 new clients a year to make sure each one gets the best of us – real results, not just marketing talk.

Step 1

Fill out our survey so we can see if we can help you. We’ll do a market analysis to determine if there’s an opportunity for us to work together.

Step 2

If we find that we can help you, we’ll get on an in-depth call to discuss goals, budgets, and realistic expectations for running ads in your niche.

Step 3

We get to work.

Get More Predictability In Your Business With Our Paid Traffic Systems

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