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With Us, You Get More Than Marketing

As your partner, we’re dedicated to more than just creating marketing systems and generating leads. Here are other things we help you with:


A “best in town” landscaping contractor will always outperform a contractor that “does it all.” We’ll help you identify and double down on services that work so you can work less and earn more.

Switch From Commodity To Transformation

Learn how to offer so much value with your services that lowballers disappear, and competition becomes irrelevant.

Leverage Money As A Multiplier

We’ll help you make the right decisions and invest in what works so that you can finally start seeing results and spend more time in your zone of genius.

Create A Legacy Mindset

Turn your skills and experience into a system that propagates your expertise and creates an unshakeable culture in which your business can run without you.

Take Back Control

With your money on the line, you must understand data to make informed decisions. We provide resources, guidance, and training so you can understand your marketing.

Make More To Give More

Increase your profit margins to contribute more to your family, community, and everything you care about.

And These Are The Values That We Operate From

We have solid principles and company values that guide us in every action. Putting ourselves in your shoes gives us an edge that few agencies can replicate. Here’s what we bring to the table:

We Own Our Domain​

Every team member is an expert in their field, and we come together to create marketing strategies and implementations tailored specifically for your business.

We Overdeliver

We’re not just meeting expectations—we’re exceeding them. We deliver results faster, prioritize innovation, and bring results.

We're All In

We don’t just work for you; we work with you. We put everything we’ve got into your marketing, making it a true partnership you can trust.

We're Transparent

There is no smoke and mirrors here. We believe in open, honest communication every step of the way, so you’ll always know where things stand, what’s happening next, and how they impact your business’ success.

We're Focused

We keep it simple, cutting through the clutter to focus on your success. With us, you can expect clear direction, streamlined processes, and laser-focused attention to achieving your goals.

We're Innovating

We lead with innovation and invest over $200k a year to stay ahead of the pack. We create our own luxury of leading instead of following what everybody else does with marketing.

When you take control back, you also gain a great deal of mental space, peace, and clarity that you can use in other areas of your life, from spending more time with your family to enjoying your hobbies again.

We’re here to help you:

Our Mission

Just like the king in chess, our mission is at the core of everything we do. We use it to guide us in helping contractors achieve world-class business success through through powerful marketing systems, tools, and training.

Our Vision

Imagine your business has the power and flexibility of a chess queen. We equip you with the tools and knowledge to make strategic moves, adapt to any challenge, and achieve game-changing success. This isn’t just about business; it’s about giving you the freedom to lead a better life.

Our Edge

Unlike a rook stuck to straight lines, we offer contractors the agility of a knight. We combine strategic planning with unexpected, creative tactics to give you an edge your competition won’t see coming.

1. Foundation

We don’t just build websites; we build website systems that create the foundation for your online presence and all future marketing efforts.

2. Integration

Beyond tactics, we build strategies. We create and implement integrated marketing solutions that drive long-term growth for your business.

3. Partnership

We genuinely care about your success and want to see you living the life you want. Your business is our business, and we act like it.

We Take Your Success Seriously

We empower contractors across the industry, from plumbers to roofers, to build a brighter future for their businesses and families.

You Finally Have A Partner That Understands

One-size-fits-all marketing doesn’t work for contractors. Our team is built on diverse expertise, and each member has a core specialty backed by a range of supporting skills. This ensures we deeply understand your unique business and can craft a customized marketing plan that gets results.


CEO, Marketing Advisor


Creative Lead, Client Success Manager


SEO Strategy Lead, Paid Media Specialist


Team Manager, Senior Copywriter


Landing Page Creator, Senior Copywriter


Media Buyer, Paid Media Specialist


SEO Specialist, Content Publisher


SEO Specialist, Content Publisher


Junior Copywriter, SEO Content Writer


Junior Copywriter, SEO Content Writer


Website Builder, Content Publisher

Going From a $0.75/h Contractor to Generating Millions for Our Clients

My journey started over two decades ago in a country hit hard by communism. Life was a struggle, opportunities were scarce. Today, I’m here to help you improve your life and spare you some of the pain I endured to find my way.

I always had a thing for computers, but my family couldn’t afford one. Against my parents’ advice, I took a construction job paying a meager 75 cents an hour, installing sandwich panels needed for insulated rooms. It was tough, but I had a clear goal: scrape together $600 for a second-hand Pentium 2 PC.

After about six months, I had an accident and fell from 17 feet on cement…

I needed 3 months to heal physically, about 1 year to heal emotionally, and 20 years later, I still hesitate to climb a roof. 

The money I’d worked so hard for was not enough, and my parents could barely make ends meet. With a lot of effort, they supplemented $200 to what I already had so that I could buy that PC.

I was hungry. I chewed up everything I could find on this new thing called “the internet” from the lousy connection of my 54kbps dial-up modem. I took action.

I started building websites in 2004, and in one year, I wrote the first book in the world on the program SwishMax (I was using it to build websites). Before I transitioned to building systems for contractors, I also created several businesses, most of which failed.

Failure usually came in the form of extra pounds, depression, and relationship stress. It wasn’t easy. On me – or on my family.

My transformation came when I started leveraging the power of my mind. Once I defined my purpose, my vision, my company’s vision, I was able to tap into life and truly live, while taking action in alignment with my wants.

Today I live in the Canary Islands with my wife and two kids, and every day is an adventure where our path is clear. No need to take any more detours.

And this is the outcome I look for any contractor that I get the opportunity to meet. My mission is to leverage both my failures and my wins and help you get the life you know you can have.

I understand that the technical and marketing stuff can hinder your success. Together with my team, the shifts you’re about to make will make achieving success as easy and painless as possible on your end. 

You finally have a partner that understands. I’m here for you as if your business was mine.

To your success,

Real Results For People Like You

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Nate Burket from Riverview Decks
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Nate Burket, owner of Riverview Decks

We crushed our $2 million goal and we’re quickly into a phase where within the next few months we’ll have 3 million locked down.

I’m really excited to say that I think this is only the beginning.

Next year as we scale into our new office that’s literally less than a month old, and as we start to bring in more teammates to actively take roles in our organization, we will for sure hit the 5 million mark.

Nate Burket
Owner at Riverview Decks

My business wouldn’t be worth what it is right now without them. When I started my business I rebranded with them, started a new website and brand from scratch. Eddie and his team helped me through that whole process, started down the SEO route and pushing hard to help me.

I’m probably one of Eddie’s smallest customers but I never know that. He really takes care of me, puts me first, always looking out on how to help me.

Really impressed working with them, they’re honest, straightforward.

Charles Rush
Owner at Crush Excavation
Ryan Kelly owner of KHB Construction

Huge thanks for how you’ve helped our business.

The SEO and just the advantage you’ve given us in our market is second to none. So I wanted to thank you guys for all the hard work you guys do.

It’s much appreciated over here how you guys are helping us stay in the market, be competitive and really be the premier contracting service in our area.


Ryan Kelly
Owner at KHB Construction

Partner With A Team That’s Got Your Back

Let’s work together.