SEO for Contractors by State

Gain superior marketing knowledge with keyword insights specific to your location and niche.

Data is power. Knowing what to focus on gives you clarity of action. Instead of guessing your next steps, use this tool to see how many people are actively looking for your type of service each month.

See what phrases potential leads are typing into Google and how much you can expect to pay if you want to run ads for those keywords. Compare the seasonality of your target keywords so you can optimize your marketing efforts each month of the year.

Watch the video on the right to see a demo on making the most of the tool.

Watch the video below to see a demo on making the most of the tool.

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1 Select your state, province, or national location

Click on your state(US) or province(Canada) to see relevant data for your location. Click on the gray pills with US or CANADA to see national data.

  • West
  • South
  • Midwest
  • North East
  • ·
  • Canada

2 Select your service in the US (national)

Select one of the services you offer or want to study. This list includes all niches that we serve. We do not work with emergency services at this point, like plumbing, roofing, and HVAC. Please email us if we missed your residential contracting service and you want it added to the tool.

  • Remodeling & Renovation
  • home renovation
  • bathroom remodeling
  • kitchen remodel
  • basement remodeling
  • basement waterproofing
  • window and door
  • home construction and addition
  • siding
  • soffit and fascia

  • Painting
  • exterior painting
  • interior painting
  • cabinet painting

  • Flooring
  • vinyl flooring
  • floor installation
  • hardwood floor installation

  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • deck construction
  • patio and porch
  • fence installation
  • paver installation

  • Hardscaping
  • retaining walls
  • drainage
  • landscape lighting
  • irrigation
  • edging
  • landscape design

  • Softscaping
  • landscaping companies
  • lawn care
  • tree services
  • sod installation

  • Other services
  • ponds
  • foundation repair
  • masonry
  • insulation

3 View your keyword results for home renovation service

View the top 50 keywords related to the service you selected below. Explore monthly search volume, competition for that keyword, and expected cost per click for that specific term. Check the box in front of a keyword to see seasonality details in the chart below.

KeywordIntentAvg./moComp.Bid lowBid high Seasonality

Data powered by the Google AdWords platform. Last update April 2022.

Search volume seasonality for your selected keywords

This represents the number of monthly searches for each keyword you select in the table at step 3. Hover over chart points to see a comparison tooltip of all keywords. Hover over the label to single out a specific keyword.

Get an Edge Over Your Competition in This Online Game

Being the best at your craft is not enough in today's digital world anymore. Truly successful contractors dominate their competition by mastering all four aspects of their business: marketing, sales, operations, and production.

You'll get miles ahead of your competitors when you take advantage of data. Actions become evident, and lead flow becomes more predictable.

Get an online audit for your business if you want data whisperers to show you those insights. We'll cover aspects of your marketing like:


Website in-depth analysis

A technical website audit + insight into the current search ecosystem related to your website and quick wins to increase your presence and build trust online.


Complete keyword list for your services

Learn what service has the most searches in your area and double down on that. As a bonus, you get keyword seasonality and expected costs to spend on advertising.


Local competition scene for SEO & local SEO

Understand what your competitors do so you can set up a plan to make your services stand out — a look into both threats and opportunities waiting for you in the online space.


Cities you should be targeting

Allows you to target high-income cities with your copy and advertising and raise your prices (data available for the US).


Implementation walkthrough video with actionable steps

You'll get video walkthroughs for each portion of the audit as well as a 1:1 call with our experts where you can ask additional questions.

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Unlock the power of SEO in your contracting business

Crunching all the data and putting everything together for you takes us around 40 hours of work. To get something out of that data, we have experts who analyze patterns and find you that slight edge. We've done this sort of analysis for ten times the price, but because we've made our process more predictable, you can get your audit for $1,497 and save months of work.

Get your in-depth SEO audit from a contractor-specialized team.

Get Your Audit

Not convinced yet?

If you're more technical, below is a full breakdown of everything you're getting. If you need a comparison, you can get the website analysis and some keyword research for about three times our friends' cost at WebFX. Visit their page here.

In-depth audits like the ones we offer are typically done by big companies for large-scale businesses. Costing tens of thousands of dollars, they’re out of reach for most small businesses.

Every contractor deserves a chance to play with the pros, and this is your chance. The price of the audit will increase soon, as the value you’re getting is insane.

Your time is valuable, and you need the most actionable stuff without the boring tech babble. We've grouped over 100 items in the tables below to create a top-down view of what you're getting.

Implementation walkthrough video with actionable steps
Zoom audit walkthrough with support Up to 2 hours
Video recording for each section of the audit:
- Website analysis
- Keyword lists
- Local SEO scene
- SEO opportunities
- Cities to target
- User recording and interaction (optional)
Future site strategy (one page)
Duration 7 days
Website in-depth analysis
Pages reviewed Up to 100
Site health check (redirects, broken links, metas, crawl errors, image optimization, page content)
Site technical aspects (status codes, code review, robots.txt, site compression, sitemap.xml, page structure)
Site user experience (mobile usability, slow pages, alt texts, security, duplicate content)
SEO specific aspects (backlinks, canonicalization, crawl errors, indexability, tag structure)
Complete keyword list for your services
Research for up to 3 services
Keyword research (up to 100 terms per service)
Keyword difficulty and seasonality
Keyword auction cost
Local SEO competition (Google 3-pack)
Research on the top 5 local competitors for each service
Ranking factors comparison vs. competitors
Google Business Profile optimization tips
Citation report
SEO competition scene (Google SERPs)
Research on the top 5 SEO competitors
Keyword intersection and opportunities
Estimated marketing budgets and ad spend
Cities you should be targeting (US only)
A list of cities within a 20-30 mile radius from your business ZIP
Insight into city population, average household income, and percentage of population earning over $200k per year.
User recording and interaction (optional)
We record all user interactions with your website. You'll get insights into how people interact with your pages, where they get confused, and where they drop off. And how you can improve that flow to increase conversion rates.

We need a sample of at least 100 recordings for insights to be relevant, so the time to do this specific audit depends on the number of monthly visitors you have.

Additional $1,000

This audit will help you move in the right direction with your business from a marketing perspective. You'll be able to navigate decisions easily for at least a year from audit time.

Get your audit from a contractor-specialized team