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We Don't Cut Corners At Your Expense

Throwing money at SEO might bring you clicks, but not necessarily leads. National SEO is great for brand awareness, but it doesn’t necessarily target the customers right in your service area.

That’s where Local SEO comes in. Many marketing agencies struggle to integrate both these strategies effectively. They charge for them separately and create a decision problem for you that hurts your business.

Our Organic Traffic System combines advanced SEO and Local SEO to get you Google’s top search results, drive quality leads on a constant, and remove the uncertainty of where your next job comes from.

Our Organic Traffic Systems Results

SEO doesn’t “need six months to work.” Your results will vary based on your location, competitors, niche, and hundreds of other ranking factors, as well as your SEO plan. Our most successful clients combine our marketing systems with their exceptional customer service, review collection, and sales to get this kind of results:

Build Brand Excellence And EEAT

Besides SEO, Google also prioritizes websites that provide a valuable user experience. It puts a big spotlight on EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, & Trustworthiness).

EEAT is all about proving your site’s worth—showing you’re trustworthy, experienced, and genuine. This is good for impressing Google and crucial for winning customers over.

Beware of cookie-cutter SEO tactics that prioritize short-term gains over long-term value. These tactics can lead to Google penalties or even removal from search results. Websites with strong EEAT rank better, attract more visitors, and convert more customers. 

Here’s How our Organic & Website Traffic Systems build EEAT for you:

Other Questions Contractors Have

SEO and ads don’t exclude themselves. They help each other out, and you should do both in your business, depending on how fast you want to scale. Ads position you on top fast while SEO grows your business predictably.

SEO is not an undefined territory. By carefully and periodically analyzing data, we can plan and predict traffic quantity and results based on your location.

There are hundreds of factors that influence how fast you rank. A new website and brand will usually rank slower as it needs to build more time to capture Google’s trust.

Due to the lack of competition, a rural contractor usually ranks faster than an urban one. After we study your situation, we always propose the best solution.

We then track things month-to-month and see how they pan out. Even in complex situations, we typically see positive movement within three months.

Everything can be learned, including SEO’s intricate and often technical parts. However, most experts (regardless of the industry) will tell you that attempting to DIY things you’re unfamiliar with will often result in wasted time and resources and generally result in a low-quality outcome. Can a homeowner remodel their bathroom by themselves? Sure. But will it look as premium as if you had done it? Certainly not. They might even overlook some plumbing essentials, which is an absolute renovation nightmare. In SEO, aspects like keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO copywriting, interlinking, and link building (to name a few) are interconnected parts that need to work like a well-oiled machine. Unless you know what you’re doing, a contractor-specialized SEO expert can help get you started.  At Contracting Empire, we’re all about transparency and education. We provide monthly reports and auditing, teach you how to read your data, and help you apply what you’ve learned so that you can always make informed decisions about your business.
Content is the backbone of SEO success. Our approach involves creating relevant, engaging, and location-specific content that aligns with your SEO and Local SEO goals. We focus on quality and relevance, ensuring that your content resonates with your target audience and search engines.

We have different SEO pricing plans for various business goals and budgets. A mid-level SEO plan costs around $3,000, but you should always consider SEO an investment, not an expense. If it costs you $60k a year to make $1MM, you’re investing in the right thing, and we can tell you for sure that ongoing SEO compounds.

A healthy rule is that your marketing budget should be at least 10% of your revenue.

An Easy Process Toward Valuable Organic Traffic

While other agencies prioritize their growth, we filter our clients and like to keep it small to guarantee your success. We only take on about 50 new clients a year to guarantee each gets the best of us—real results, not just marketing talk.

Step 1

Please fill out our application survey so we can see if we can help you. We’ll then do a market analysis to determine if there’s an opportunity for us to work together.

Step 2

If we find that we can help you, we’ll get on an in-depth call to discuss what we found and create your best plan to move forward.

Step 3

We get to work.

Cash In On Your Clicks With An Organic Traffic System​

Our systematic approach to contractor SEO ensures your business not only  reaches the top of search results, but turns visits into phone calls and money in your pocket.