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Link Building For Contractors: 8 Actionable Tips

Did you know that links to and from your site will make it look more valuable on Google?

This idea is part of link building, an essential SEO strategy that involves getting links from other websites to boost your site’s ranking.

This article will explore 8 actionable tips to create links that’ll help you improve your remodeling website. 

But First, Let's explain some terms

Let’s discuss 8 terms that you need to know to fully understand these tips and how to apply them.

1. Domain Rating

Imagine a score that tells you how strong a website is based on the links it gets from other sites. This is what Domain Rating does. It’s a grade from 0 to 100 created by Ahrefs, one of the most popular SEO tools.

Don’t mistake it for “Domain Authority”, which predicts how well websites will rank on Google.

A higher DR means your website is seen as more authoritative. For example, a DR between 30 to 50 is pretty solid for a remodeling website, showing its good online reputation.

2. Referring Domains

These are the websites that link back to your site. Each one acts as a unique supporter of your website.

It’s better to have links from many different websites rather than many links from just a few. This diversity helps your site look more credible to search engines like Google.

3. Do-follow Links

These are the normal types of links that pass on “SEO juice” or credibility from one site to yours.

They tell search engines that your site is trusted by others, which improves your rankings in search results.

4. Nofollow Links

These links come with a special tag that tells search engines, “Don’t count this link as an endorsement.”

However, in 2019, Google started considering these links as hints, meaning they might still look at them and use them to understand your website better.

5. Anchor Text

This is the clickable text in a hyperlink. It’s important because it gives context to what the linked page is about.

Choosing the right words here can help search engines understand your site better and rank it for relevant searches.

6. Black Hat Link Building

This refers to sneaky methods that go against search engine rules. They often look for shortcuts to improve rankings quickly but this can lead to penalties or even get your site banned.

It’s best to steer clear of these tactics and focus on building links correctly.

7. Link Velocity

This is all about how fast you’re gaining new links. Are you getting a lot of links quickly, or is it more of a steady pace? Monitoring this can give you insights into how your link-building efforts are doing over time.

Tools like Ahrefs can show you reports on which pages of your site are getting links the fastest, helping you understand what’s working.

8. Running a Link-Building Campaign

A link-building campaign typically involves steps like guest posting or link reclamation. The process starts by identifying relevant prospects – these are websites that might be interested in linking to your site.

Once you find these prospects, the next step is to gather their contact information, such as email addresses. 

Then, you reach out to them, proposing a collaboration that involves linking back to your site. It’s all about making connections that benefit both parties.

8 Tips That’ll Allow You To Easily Create Links And Boost Your Domain Rating

Creating a profile on business directories for contractors is one of the easiest ways to build backlinks for your remodeling website. 

These directories are frequented by homeowners and other industry professionals who may be looking for the services you offer.

A directory is an online list of businesses within a particular niche, location, or category, similar to a digital phone book. 

Popular directories you might already know (and use) are Houzz, HomeAdvisor, Angi, Yelp, and Thumbtack.

Be consistent with your business name, address, phone number, and website (NAP+W) throughout these business directories. Otherwise, Google might not consider the links.

Things to keep in mind with directory listings:

2. Contribute as a Guest Author to Home Improvement Publications

If you have insights on remodeling trends or transformative project stories, consider writing a guest post for home improvement and design websites.

These sites often feature guest posts and provide a backlink in your author bio, boosting your SEO. Look for a “write for us” page with submission guidelines on their main menu or contact page, where they might request articles around 800 words with practical homeowner tips.

You can still contact the editor with your article ideas if there’s no “write for us” page. They may welcome new contributions, especially if you bring fresh perspectives or valuable insights. Focus on niches like eco-friendly materials or kitchen renovations to attract potential clients interested in these topics.

Example: Let’s say you specialize in eco-friendly remodeling. You could write a piece for a green living blog about sustainable materials for home renovation. Many of these blogs are keen on content that helps their readers make environmentally friendly choices, and they might have a decent domain rating, signaling a strong website.

3. Become a “Source” for Home Improvement Content Creators

Short on time to write full articles? No problem! You can still boost your visibility by sharing your remodeling expertise with writers currently working on relevant articles. 

If you specialize in kitchen renovations, you can offer your insights to authors writing about the latest trends in kitchen design.

How to get involved:

This strategy, known as “newsjacking,” involves ‘injecting’ your ideas into current news articles. It’s a powerful way to gain media coverage and draw attention to your remodeling expertise without writing your own content from scratch.

4. Share Your Remodeling Expertise with Journalists on HARO

If tweeting isn’t your thing, another great option is using a community like Help A Reporter Out (HARO), or Connectively. It’s a platform where journalists and bloggers look for experts to quote in their articles. 

As a remodeler, this can be a goldmine for getting your name and business mentioned in major publications.

On HARO, here’s how it works:

Being quoted in well-known publications boosts your website’s SEO through valuable backlinks and builds your credibility as an expert in the remodeling industry. 

Over time, this visibility leads to more business opportunities and even direct questions from potential clients who read your advice online.

5. Create Graphics and Other Quotable Resources

So far, we’ve talked about reaching out to writers. But what if you could have them come to you instead? Content creators are always on the hunt for unique and engaging information they can use in their articles.

If your website has this kind of content, like compelling graphics or insightful stats, they might just include it in their content and link back to your site.

Turn Your Expertise into Visual Content

For instance, imagine you’ve done a fantastic kitchen remodel. You could create a before-and-after graphic that showcases the transformation. 

If a home improvement blogger or journalist finds this graphic and it fits their story, they might use it and provide a link back to your website as the source.

Be a Resource with Engaging Data

You can also compile statistics and facts related to home remodeling. For example, you might put together an infographic on the latest trends in bathroom renovations, including data like average costs, popular materials, and ROI on different updates.

If a writer is working on a piece about home value improvement through remodeling, your infographic could be just what they need.

For example, this pond building calculator we did for one of our clients will help users get a rough estimate for their project. We could’ve make this a whole lot more complex, but we chose to keep it simple and easy to use.

Why It Works

Creating these kinds of resources turns your website into a treasure trove for journalists and bloggers. Not only does this kind of content make your site more appealing to link to, but it also establishes your authority as an expert in the remodeling industry.

When you make it easy for content creators to find and use your information, you open up opportunities for natural link building that boosts your SEO and enhances your online visibility.

6. Get Listed on Your Trade School or College’s Website

Many trade schools and colleges have a dedicated alumni section on their websites where they showcase successful graduates.

If you studied architecture, design, or any trade-related course, this could be a fantastic opportunity. You can submit your details and request to be included in their list of notable alumni.

Engage with Educational Content

Beyond just a listing, look for ways to engage with the school community. You might be able to contribute to the school’s blog by sharing practical advice with students or recent graduates. Topics could range from career tips in the remodeling industry to the latest trends in home improvement.

Join Committees and Sponsor Events

Consider joining an alumni committee or getting involved in sponsoring school events. This strengthens your ties with the institution and leads to your business being mentioned on the school’s high-authority website, which is great for your site’s SEO.

7. Invest in PR to Boost Your Remodeling Business

Ever noticed how some businesses suddenly pop up everywhere? Take a leaf out of their book and consider investing in public relations (PR) to get your remodeling business the attention it deserves.

Leverage Local Media and Creativity

Even if you’re not starring in a reality TV show, there are plenty of ways to create buzz. For example, you could produce a creative video showcasing a dramatic home transformation and share it on YouTube or local TV stations.

This type of content can capture people’s attention and might be picked up by larger media outlets, driving traffic to your website and gaining you valuable backlinks.

Collaborate with Local Newspapers

Another approach is to partner with local newspapers or magazines. You could provide expert advice on home renovation trends or sustainable building practices. Stories like these can resonate well with readers, increase your brand’s visibility, and lead to more backlinks from reputable sources.

Host or Sponsor Community Events

Hosting or sponsoring local events can also generate PR. Whether it’s a charity event or a local home and garden show, these opportunities can put your business in the spotlight and attract media coverage, not to mention the potential for backlinks from event organizers and media partners.

Frequently Asked Questions About Link Building for Remodelers

Link building for remodelers involves getting hyperlinks from other trusted websites in the home improvement and construction sector. These links act like digital thumbs-ups from those sites, showing search engines that your remodeling business is credible and reputable.
A link-building strategy helps increase your website’s visibility on search engines, making it easier for potential clients to find you. It’s essential for driving more traffic to your site and ultimately getting more inquiries and bookings.
Quality over quantity! It’s better to have a few links from well-respected sites than lots of links from less reputable ones. High-quality links are more effective in boosting your SEO and building your online reputation.
It might be tempting, but buying links can backfire. Search engines will penalize your site if they think you’re trying to cheat the system with purchased links. It’s better to earn them legitimately through good content and genuine partnerships.

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