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Contracting Empire is on a mission to empower contractors and help them win big in business and in life.

Hi there!

I’m Eddie and I help contractors with the most comprehensive and applicable resources.

Resources to help out with both strategic thinking as well as tactical actions. Actionable advice you can take to improve your marketing, business, and life.

The resource I’d like you to see today is how to do SEO as a contractor. How to think about it, how to approach it, and how to do it.

Create a neverending stream of qualified customers.

There’s no sign-up or purchase required. You do have to take action on what you read through, otherwise, it will only end up in the “I’ll do it later” pile.

Dive in!

A customer centric business

My name is Eduard Boka. Blessed with 2 incredible kids and a beautiful wife.

And just like you, I have an unhealthy level of care for the people I serve.

Eduard Boka and his kids

I fell in love with marketing in 2015. I specialized and brought into the mix my 11 years of experience in systems.

I’ve helped businesses with strategy, biz development, marketing, programming, design, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning. 

I’ve also started a few businesses myself. But this is not about me. 

Contracting Empire is about you.

I built it, so you can show up at your best for your customers & family. 

You don’t have to start from scratch like me. You can leverage my expertise & experience.

Take ownership of your business, systems & life.

It’s time to level up.