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SEO Ranking Factors For Remodelers

You want your website to appear first when people search for ‘remodelers near me’, but did you know that the SEO ranking factors change constantly?

So, what exactly are the ranking factors in 2024?

This article will discuss the 2024 SEO ranking factors for your remodeling business to help increase your website’s visibility on search engine results, attracting more visitors and potential customers to your remodeling company’s site.

Google’s 200 ranking factors” is barely scratching the surface

In 2006, Alan Eustace, a senior vice president at Google, made headlines with a press release claiming that Google uses over 200 factors to rank websites. This statement sheds light on the complexity of Google’s ranking algorithm for the first time.

However, by 2010, Google’s Matt Cutts clarified that the actual complexity of the search engine’s algorithm far surpasses the idea of merely 200 factors. Cutts revealed that what was considered to be 200 factors were, in fact, categories, each containing about 50 variations, summing up to over 10,000 signals that influence website rankings.

In 2016, Google highlighted content, links, and RankBrain as the top three signals in its ranking algorithm, though many other factors also play significant roles.

The Top 3 Factors That Decide The Order Of Remodeling Businesses On Google

These are the 3 factors that are crucial for businesses in the remodeling industry to understand and optimize for improved online visibility.


To rank high in search results, creating high-quality content that meets users’ needs is essential. 

Google emphasizes the importance of content being valuable, reliable, and designed with actual users in mind rather than just to impress search engines. We’ll explore this concept down the page.


In 2016, a Google employee named Andrey Lipattsev revealed that links from other websites to yours significantly enhance your visibility on Google search results. Links can be categorized into three types:

However, not every link has the same value. A link from a well-established and reputable website acts as a strong endorsement for your site’s credibility on Google and is much more impactful than a link from a less-known source. 

The placement of these links on a webpage also plays a crucial role.

Creating internal links is a wise strategy, as it helps Google understand the structure and content of your site. Choosing the right anchor text for these links is crucial. But, overloading your content with too many links can detract from the user experience.

As for outbound links, they indicate to Google the quality of the content you’re associated with. Linking to high-quality websites can enhance the perception of your own site’s quality. Essentially, associating your site with reputable external sites boosts your own site’s image.


Google’s RankBrain focuses on understanding the true intent behind people’s searches, particularly for new queries that Google hasn’t encountered before. Barry Schwartz mentioned in 2016 that it’s not possible to optimize a website specifically for RankBrain.

This view was supported by highly important people from Google who suggested that creating content people enjoy is the best way to appeal to RankBrain. The goal of RankBrain is to improve user search results.

Google offers a straightforward tool for translating content. Simply copying and pasting text into their website allows the tool to highlight important elements such as colors, dates, or images, helping you understand how Google views your page.

If you’re wondering if RankBrain is still relevant in 2024, the simple answer is yes. As most experts agree, it’s more important than ever.

On-page SEO Google ranking factors

Google places a lot of importance on high-quality content. For your remodeling business to capture attention, your content should be relevant to home improvement topics, unique, current, and answer common questions homeowners might have.

Here’s what quality content looks like:


Staying ahead is not just about creating new content for your remodeling business. It’s equally important to update your existing content. Google and potential clients value the most current information.

By consistently refreshing your content, you improve your visibility and search rankings. Additionally, updating your content allows you to explore more topics, keeping your audience engaged and well-informed about the latest trends and techniques in remodeling.

Relevance and user intent

These ranking factors are for boosting your remodeling business website’s visibility with RankBrain. There isn’t a straightforward checklist for crafting content that ranks well, but by examining what comes up first in search results for specific keywords, you can gauge what is considered relevant.

For example, searching for “Home remodeling” brings up a variety of results, including the meaning of remodeling.

It’s clear that a lot of people are not familiar with the term ‘remodeling’, therefore Google considers it’s best to push these questions up top.

This means you need to use more detailed keywords to create content that truly resonates with your audience. For example, rather than using “Remodeling Services,” try “Tips for Hiring a Remodeling Service for Your Kitchen.” 

This approach helps you target your content more effectively for those interested in remodeling services.


Metadata is crucial for Google because it provides extra details about a webpage. For remodeling businesses, having a clear description in your metadata can also improve the chances of people clicking on your website.

When the key phrases you choose for your website’s summary match what people are searching for, Google makes them stand out. This grabs attention and increases the chances of people visiting your site.

For remodeling businesses, it’s crucial not only to include these key phrases in your summary but also in your page titles, website addresses, headings, and throughout your content. This approach is a top strategy for improving your online visibility.

Off-page SEO Google ranking factors

Referring domains

Websites that link to your site, known as referring websites, play a crucial role in boosting your online visibility. The quality of these links matters a lot.

For example, a link from a low-quality or spammy site might not do much good for your site. But, if you get a link from a well-respected and authoritative website, it could significantly enhance your remodeling business’s online ranking and visibility.

That’s why it’s important to focus on getting top-notch links from reputable websites that are relevant to the remodeling industry.

Domain authority

Domain authority shows how strong your remodeling business’s website is on search engine rankings. It’s scored from 1 to 100, with higher scores meaning you’re more likely to appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Brand mentions

John Mueller explains in a video that simply talking about a remodeling company’s name doesn’t directly bump up its website in Google’s rankings. Check out the video here: English Google SEO office hours from December 17, 2021.

Yet, when people mention your remodeling business, it can make more people aware of your brand. He also pointed out that if your brand mention comes with a link, it could be more useful for understanding its impact.

But for a remodeling business, it’s key to create a strong brand that homeowners feel they can trust and recognize easily. This will help them remember your services when they need them.

Page Experience Related Google Ranking Factors

Crawlability and indexability

Crawlability is about how easily Google’s robots can check and list your website, while indexability is about the robots’ ability to click on links and browse through your site.

To make your remodeling business’s website more accessible for Google to scan and understand, you should regularly update your content, repair any broken links, and use clear, industry-related keywords and descriptions.

This is crucial because Google’s robots are always visiting websites to update their search results. If your site isn’t kept current, especially in the fast-paced world of remodeling, it could hinder the robots’ ability to see and promote your latest projects or services.

For example, a broken link could stop them in their tracks, preventing them from seeing the rest of your site.

Core web vitals (CWV)

Google has made it official that Core Web Vitals, key measures of website performance, will now influence how high a site ranks in search results. This is crucial for providing a better experience for visitors.

For remodeling businesses, this means ensuring your website is fast, responsive, and provides a smooth browsing experience, which is more important than ever to stand out in Google’s search rankings.

Key elements to watch for better website performance include:
Remodeling businesses can monitor their website’s performance under the “Enhancements” section of Google Search Console to make sure these aspects are in top shape.

Website security

Google ranks secure websites higher in its search results. So, for remodeling businesses, having a website with HTTPS security is crucial not just for the safety of your visitors but also for boosting your online visibility.


By 2024, it’s clear that having a mobile-friendly website is crucial, especially for remodeling businesses looking to attract more customers.

Google has recognized this need and now uses mobile-friendliness as a factor in ranking pages, though this applies only to individual pages and impacts searches on mobile devices across all languages. Over 80% of traffic comes from mobile and a lot of these users might be already qualified for your service, hence mobile responsiveness is a big ranking factor.

While focusing on technical SEO might seem less crucial than content and links, it’s vital to ensure your remodeling services are easily discoverable and rank well. Tools like the SEO Browser can help simulate how Google’s bots view your pages, aiding in optimization.

Technical SEO involves optimizing the technical aspects of a website, like speed and mobile-friendliness, to help it rank higher in search engine results.

This approach is particularly important for remodeling companies aiming to stand out in a competitive online space, ensuring their services are easily accessible to potential clients searching on mobile devices.

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Your Google Business Profile is key to how visible your remodeling business is on Google Maps. Other factors also influence how you rank in local organic search results. According to Google, the top three factors for local SEO ranking are:
Let’s explore these factors further:


Being relevant is crucial for ranking high in local Google searches, especially for remodeling businesses. Google says relevance is about how closely your business profile matches a search query.

To boost your relevance, it’s important to provide Google with complete and detailed information about your remodeling services. This helps Google connect your business with people looking for remodeling work, improving your visibility online.


Being well-known in the real world can help your remodeling business show up higher in Google’s local search results. This is because Google looks at how popular your business is offline to decide how high it should rank online.
For example, when people search for the best remodeling services in their area, the most recognizable names pop up first. So, to get your remodeling business noticed and to appear at the top of local searches, it’s important to work on making your brand more known to people.


Proximity is determined by the physical distance between a business and the searcher. The closer a business is to the searcher, the higher its chances of appearing in its search results.

Enhance Your Remodeling Business Website By Considering Key SEO Factors For Google Rankings.

For a remodeling business focusing on SEO, it’s important to concentrate on key ranking factors. Here’s a breakdown of the main ranking factor categories we talked about:
Focusing on these aspects can significantly elevate your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines, bringing you closer to your target audience. Your website might also be tailored based on what the user has searched for in the past, as Google aims to provide personalized results.
Focus on these key elements to improve your online presence. Remember, boosting your search engine ranking is a continuous journey that demands patience, dedication, and regular effort for long-lasting success. Contact us for expert help to rank your website higher on Google.

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