Instead of just a pretty website that doesn’t perform, have a proven system that builds trust, attracts the right clients, and brings in money 24/7

illustration of a phone showing an incoming call from a new lead, alonsgide a laptop showcasing a website
illustration of a phone showing an incoming call from a new lead


Contractor Website Systems built in the past three years


users saw our websites in the search results


high-quality leads generated in 2023


generated for our select client group in 2023

Collect Checks Easier And Let Your Site Do The Heavy-Lifting

We studied 216,133 contractor websites to see how the top 1% make bank. Now, we can help you transform your website into a powerful lead generation machine that dominates local searches and attracts high-value clients.

Here are a few more things that are involved in having a succcessful Contractor Website System:

Builds trust

People want to do business with people rather than companies. From content to quality of images, your Website System establishes a high-end reputation that positions you to demand higher prices and attract higher-end clients.

Connects To Your Users

Our Contractor Website System is built around your customers’ buying journey. It helps you build rapport with the homeowner even before the first meeting. It empowers them to confidently move forward with you.

Educates Your Prospects

Your website becomes a mind reader. We anticipate your ideal client’s questions and concerns, and provide clear answers throughout the website journey so they’ll always feel understood and in charge.

Converts Users To Leads

Our websites go deep on your clients’ pain points, wants, and desires, guiding them through an intuitive flow that makes it easier for them to commit.

Makes Google Like You

Climbing the Google rankings requires a deep understanding of SEO best practices. We optimize the back-end of your website for optimal search engine performance so that your business gets a powerful online advantage.

Sells For You 24/7

Your Website is your salesman who never sleeps. It displays your craftsmanship, builds trust upfront, and educates your prospects so you can make money more easily.
Your Contractor Website System Should Also Check These Technical Aspects:

If your current website isn’t doing all these things, you’re leaving money on the table.

Our Website System Generates Results

Our websites are intuitively designed, mobile-friendly,  andconnected to Google. They follow a proven flow that sells the dream to your prospects and positions you as the go-to contractor for their project.

Justin Pagel from Remodeling Journey talks about working with Contracting Empire
Charles Rush from Crush Excavation talks about working with Contracting Empire
Luan Nguyen from Deck Bros talks about working with Contracting Empire
Hunter Trueax from Offcut Interiors talks about working with Contracting Empire
Jorge Chavez from CB Remodels talks about working with Contracting Empire

Frequenty Asked Questions

It’s important for us that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. We’re transparent and upfront about our services, the results they bring, and what it takes to achieve those results.

There’s a big difference between a portfolio website and a marketing website. Our Contractor Website Systems is a marketing powerhouse designed to bring in results. We delve into the psychology of your potential clients. We want them to choose you instinctively from the crowd of contractor websites out there. How? By delivering a lightning-fast, positive user experience with content that clicks with your clients’ thoughts. The Website System makes it a no-brainer for them to commit.

The System also sells without being pushy. We use proven marketing concepts and a tested flow that nudges customers to pick up the phone or request a quote.

Part two is SEO. Without a solid website, investing in SEO is like tossing money into the wind. Google won’t bother ranking a site that doesn’t give visitors what they’re after. We’re not just talking about pretty words; we mean clarity in services, proof of craftsmanship, straightforward offers, easy navigation, and targeted keywords that match what users are actually searching for.

We’re not here to build pretty websites that sit idle. Our focus is on making your website do something – generate leads, secure jobs, and make your phone ring. The combination of psychology, proven marketing, and a dynamic SEO ecosystem is what makes our Contractor Website Systems truly stand out. It’s not just a website; it’s a strategic tool that works for your business.

A Website System is essential when you’re just starting out. Without huge budgets for all-round marketing, it’s one of the most effective ways to put yourself out there. A well-crafted website showcases your services and makes your entire marketing strategy more effective. It’s like having level ground before laying down bricks—a strong foundation ensures every marketing move, whether it’s reaching clients or boosting your visibility through SEO, paid traffic, or Social Media, has a reliable foundation.

Typically, it takes around 3-4 weeks to get your Contractor Website System up and running if we have all the necessary info from you. After an in-depth call where we learn about what makes you you, we’ll need a few essentials from your end, like pictures showcasing your work and pricing details.

We’ll make it easier for you to provide us with the needed assets, and we’ll keep in touch while developing your Contractor Website System. The timeline may increase for very elaborate websites with more than 5 service pages and/or custom solutions.

Imagine this: You meet a potential client, everything clicks, and you’re both excited about the project. But when you discuss pricing, things get a little hesitant. You know you offer top-notch materials and craftsmanship, and could potentially save them money in the long run compared to less experienced contractors.

It’s the same with our Contractor Website Systems: They’re designed to deliver exceptional results. They’re an investment in your business growth, similar to choosing high-quality materials for a project.

We’re not here to be the “Chuck-in-a-truck” website option. Fill out our quick form, and, once we determine there’s opportunity for us to work together, we promise you’ll get so much more than your money’s worth.

Absolutely. The hosting and maintenance fee includes adding the latest reviews, showcasing new project photos, tweaking prices, and refining the wording to keep things current. Your Contractor Website is yours to own, and your input makes it better. We’re also big on innovation and research, so whenever we discover something that provides results, we’re quick to implement it for all our clients.

Everyone wants a visually stunning website, and that can be achieved through simplicity. Instead of distracting the user, the website focuses the most important thing: getting the lead.

We leverage a proven website framework that has been meticulously tested and refined over time.

We achieve a high-end aesthetic through color choices and other design elements that perfectly align with your brand and deliver results. Our in-house designer has over 12 years of design experience and personally oversees the design and development of every Contractor Website System to make sure it has that personal designer touch that you want.

Our website ecosystems are designed to capture the most searched services in your area, tailoring content to maximize local impact – even without additional SEO plans.

Everything works seamlessly with your Google Business Profile. We constantly optimize it to make sure your business is easily found by customers searching online. Your active role in managing your online presence makes a big difference. By answering calls, gathering positive reviews, and engaging with customers, you send valuable signals to Google, which can lead to better search engine rankings.

If you sign on any organic SEO plans with us, the personalized content we’ll publish for you and all the back-end strategies will help you move up the rankings faster.

Yes, we offer both SEO and Local SEO to get your Contractor Website System ranking organically. Our plans include everything from research, strategy development, content creation, implementation, and regular updates to keep everything fresh.

All our SEO plans include video reporting so that you’re always in the know with what’s happenging on your website and account.

Ryan Kelly owner of KHB Construction
Huge thanks for how you’ve helped our business. The SEO and just the advantage you’ve given us in our market is second to none. So I wanted to thank you guys for all the hard work you guys do. It’s much appreciated over here how you guys are helping us stay in the market, be competitive and really be the premier contracting service in our area.
Ryan Kelly Owner at KHB Construction

Eddie and his team broke the mold and created a new one ! I have been approached by several seo, marketing, and “ad gurus”.

This team does several things that NO ONE else is doing. These peeps are the real deal! SEO Results are great for sure!! It’s beyond that! It’s someone in my corner.

People that truly have my best interest at heart. Eddie has personally had me in the phone several times for guidance and stuff that isn’t even SEO related. An extremely talented and intelligent dude and a great man at the same time. That’s a rare find.


Tony Inzauro
Owner at Home Matters Construction

The last few months have been huge months of growth. A lot of leads, a lot of sales, and I know all that would not be possible without the work you guys are putting in with our marketing and our SEO and taking care of our website.

I’m able to look at the pipeline and know that there’s going to be work there, and I know that there’s going to be money coming in the door. I just wanted to thank you guys so much for all that you’re doing.

Hunter Trueax
Owner at Offcut Interiors

How We Create A Website System That Converts Users to Clients

While other agencies prioritize their growth, we filter our clients and like to keep it small to guarantee your success. We only take on about 50 new clients a year to ensure each one gets the best from us—real results, not just marketing talk.

Step 1

Fill out our application survey so we can see if we can help you. We’ll do a market analysis to determine if there’s opportunity for us to work together.

Step 2

If we find that we can help you, we’ll get on an in-depth call to discuss what we found and create your best plan to move forward.

Step 3

We get to work and your new Contractor Website System will be launched in less than 4 weeks, ready to take on any SEO challenge you throw at it.

From Website Clicks to Signed Contracts

Getting high-quality leads and turning them into clients gets more challenging by the day. Our Contractor Website System does more than half of the job for you.