5 Copywriting Formulas For a Successful Contractor Content Marketing Strategy

Let’s face it: you can’t make any serious money if your words don’t sell. As a contractor, you probably already know that content marketing is an essential piece of your toolkit for reaching potential customers and boosting your business.

Crafting effective copy can make all the difference in communicating a message that resonates with homeowners and inspires them toward action.

While writing isn’t always easy, there are successful copywriting formulas you can use as guidelines to help build strategic messages across your content marketing efforts.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into how to apply these time-tested formulas for getting more leads from everything from website pages and emails to social media posts and beyond!

Psychology Plays A Big Role In Copywriting

Good copywriting is like driving – you don’t really notice it until it goes sour. Quality content will keep the homeowner focused on you and your service long enough to eventually convert.

Expert writers can persuade target audiences to take action and commit to a service or product. And the best part is that they do it without the audience understanding the underlying motivation. But how?

Most people see good writing as:

The truth is, this is only 10% of it. 90% is basic consumer psychology.

Let’s say you want to nail down the idea that your remodeling service is indispensable to a homeowner. A quick and simple trick you can use is repetition by means of emotion.

Pick a pain point ( e.g., faulty plumbing will affect your home’s foundation ) or a benefit ( e.g., home additions can give you the space to enjoy your new hobbies ) and repeat it in various forms throughout your content.

As the great Dale Carnegie wrote, “Tell the audience what you’re going to say, say it, and tell them what you’ve said.” In other words, repeating the same idea will create the illusion of truth

Studies show that people tend to trust statements they’ve heard before 60% more than those they haven’t. Familiarity is key to building trust in content, and big brands like Apple do it all the time:

apple advertisment

Then, it’s all about doubling down on emotions – especially in the realm of home improvement services. Attracting homeowners comes down to creating an ideal home scenario that makes them feel happy and comfortable. The right hook captures their attention, but only with good storytelling, you’ll get to keep it.

Remember, people buy with emotions and justify later with logic. They don’t care about what your service does. They care about what it can do for them. Sell them your brand wrapped in a pretty story about how a kitchen remodel will bring their family together again at dinner time. Trust me, you’ll see better results than just using your contractor website as a platform to talk about of your service.

Note: Although these writing tricks can get you further in the competition than most contractors, they are only a starting point. Over the years, marketers and copywriters have developed full-fledged formulas that can be the game-changer you need in your next content marketing campaign.

5 Legendary Copywriting Formulas That Will Guarantee Higher Lead Conversion Rates

Copywriting is not only an art but an exact science with clear objectives. In our case, turning homeowners into paying customers. Using proven frameworks in your contractor content strategy will give your website structure, save time, and maintain effectiveness.

PAS: Problem - Agitate - Solution

The PAS copywriting formula is a widely used format for crafting effective copy, and it only features three simple elements to help leads convert.

1. Problem: What issue or challenge do your customers experience that your business aims to address with its services?

e.g., Don’t you hate it when you don’t have enough space in your kitchen?

If there is no issue that the homeowner needs to address, they will have no reason to commit to your service.

2. Agitate: What makes the problem worse, and what are the associated emotions homeowners feel when dealing with it?

e.g., It can be especially hard when you want to host a dinner party but don’t have the room to cook for so many people.

The second stage of the copywriting formula builds on the foundation established in the first stage and requires a direct follow-up. If you’ve done everything correctly, the reader will be so invested in solving the problem that they would be willing to go to the ends of the earth to do so.

3. Solution: Inform the homeowner that you have the answer to their problem

e.g., With our kitchen remodeling service, you can transform your kitchen layout in a way that brings functionality to your daily activities.

This is the section where you’ll explain your service and how it can address their issues and push them toward taking action.

AIDA: Attention – Interest – Desire – Action

This model is one of the oldest in content marketing. It outlines the steps someone goes through, from becoming aware of your service to making a final decision.

A – Attention (Awareness): Grab the customer’s attention and try to stand out!



This first step is usually achieved through your opening statement. 

A headline that makes a promise, sparks curiosity, or taps into readers’ emotions is a surefire way to keep your user scrolling.

I – Interest: Generate customer interest by showcasing your product’s features and benefits.



While getting people’s attention is important, keeping their attention is an entirely different challenge. 

One effective way to do this is by addressing a problem that your audience is struggling with, a problem that is significantly affecting them and that they’re desperate to find a solution for.

D – Desire: persuade customers into thinking your service will fulfill their requirements.

panhandle homepage


At this stage, you demonstrate your offer and appeal to the user’s desires.

This is the section where you will describe the advantages and perks of your service. 

Use language to help users envision themselves using and benefiting from your offer by appealing to their emotions.

A – Action: guide customers to take a clearly defined and trackable action.

cta example


At this stage of the copywriting formula, the goal is to create a strong sense of urgency through the CTA. Encourage the audience to act immediately rather than put it off until later.

To achieve this, you can create a time-sensitive offer, give them a deadline and convey that the price will increase shortly.

BAB: Before – After – Bridge

This copywriting formula is simple: first, explain a problem, then describe a world where that problem is resolved, and finally, clarify the steps required to take them there.

The setup is straightforward and versatile enough for various mediums like blog post intros, social media updates, emails, etc.

BAB Example For Contractors

Do you struggle to escape every once in a while? Is it difficult to enjoy your hobbies in a space of your own? That can be frustrating. (BEFORE) You deserve a space where you can work out, enjoy a small gathering with friends, or watch a movie. (AFTER)

Now there’s hope.

With a basement remodeling service, you can turn that unused space into the getaway of your dreams. From a man-cave to an indoor gym, whatever your hobbies are, we can give you a place for you to enjoy them (BRIDGE )

The 4 Cs: Clear - Concise - Compelling - Credible

Here’s one of my favorite formulas because it keeps things in focus for me as a writer, and always places the benefits for the homeowner first. To be honest, this one is more like a rule than a formula, but it was too valuable not to include it in our list.

To enhance the clarity of your content strategy, aim to be succinct, focus on a captivating angle, and demonstrate credibility by delivering on your promises. Here’s how:

benefit section deck bros

The 1-2-3-4 Formula

Simple copywriting formulas are often the most effective. This one can help you create a compelling and persuasive copy using only 4 elements.

The framework in a nutshell:

1. What I’ve got for you.

If you want to persuade, you’ve got to inform homeowners what they’re in for. Whether you’re doing kitchen and bathroom remodeling, or landscaping services, this is where you let your audience know.

For this step, a brief description of your product is usually sufficient. The remaining steps will handle the bulk of the work.

2. What it's going to do for you.

This is your chance to showcase the advantages of committing to your service. What’s better about life if a homeowner picks you as a contractor?

Like I’ve mentioned before, most people have a tendency to make purchasing decisions based on emotional factors. This means that highlighting the advantages of your service will be more effective in convincing customers than simply listing its features.

kitchen remodeling benefits

3. Who am I?

While this step is not be mandatory, it can greatly assist in attracting new customers. It demonstrates that you are a credible contractor with expertise in your field. 

In that sense, including some personal information in a brief bio can help build trust with potential clients.

While having professional expertise is valuable, being relatable works better for engaging your audience and creating a strong relationship with them.

city and country about page

4. What you need to do next.

This is where our old pal’, the Call-To-Action ( CTA ) comes into play. At this point, the homeowner needs to know specifically how to reach you and where to click.

Don’t just throw a random link in there. Tell them where to go and request a call and why doing it now is the right decision.

Bottom Line

Writing is everywhere, but bad writing costs you time and money. Now more than ever, your contracting business needs a compelling story to turn heads. It’s no wonder 97% of brands use content marketing strategies – it’s how consumers prefer to learn about and interact with companies.

But in most cases, persuasive copy is less about playing with words and more about becoming an amateur psychologist. And that’s where copywriting frameworks come into play. The question is: will they turn every homeowner into a client? Probably not. Writing, like any other craft, is perfected over time. But don’t let that deter you from starting. Even if you have zero experience, these formulas will improve your winning odds.

Or you can always leave the hard work in the hands of experts and run your contracting business without stressing over the technicalities. With the right contractor website you can build brand awareness and boost sales for your company sooner than you think. What are you waiting for? 

Anamaria Coteneanu, Copywriter @ Contracting Empire

By day, Ana is a passionate writer with a knack for understanding what makes your audience tick. She loves delivering compelling copy that showcases your brand’s value and helps your business succeed.

During off hours, she enjoys hosting get-togethers for her friends, diving deep into the art of cocktail-making, and traveling as far as her feet can take her.