Pasadena Remodeler Goes From $600k in 2022 to $1.2 Million in Revenue in 2023 After Signing Us

Case Study: CB Remodels, remodeling company in Pasadena, CA

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The Background

When Jorge Chavez first reached out to us in August 2022, he faced a dilemma we often see in the contracting space: how to get good marketing without breaking the bank.

Back then, he owned Chavez Brother Construction, and he needed help reaching his $1 million revenue goal for 2023.

As a contractor, you’re undoubtedly very skilled at construction work, but we often see professionals like you struggling with the sales and marketing side of things.

Jorge Chavez from CB Remodels talks about working with Contracting Empire

Jorge is crushing his goals with CB Remodels. Here’s what he has to say about working with Contracting Empire!

It’s all about cash flow, predictability in your business, and tracking every aspect of marketing until you can fully see what works and what doesn’t. 

We’ve seen agencies spread false information, like the fact that SEO can’t be tracked.

We track everything related to your marketing and SEO and even report exact numbers and tell you what they mean for your business at the beginning of each month. 

This is one of the many reasons why marketing agencies give this industry a bad name—they lack transparency.

We tell contractors we’re in this for the long haul, and we’re not just their marketing agency. We’re invested in your business to a point where we take your wins and losses as if they were our own.

Fast forward to today:

And it’s possible for you, too, when you have the right team fighting in your corner.

The Challenges

Poor Branding

Branding is so much more than a pretty logo you slap on a business card. It needs to be consistent and speak to you and your clients.

“Chavez Brothers Construction” was a name that spoke to Jorge, but there were a few problems there.

Say a client calls you and asks to see your past work portfolio. The goal would be to redirect them to your website and have a look at the photos.

Which is easier to say on the phone? “You can check out our portfolio on:…”



It’s the second one, doesn’t it? The easiest to pronounce, the easiest to remember.

Their other problem was not having a business name that accurately reflected Jorge’s services on a first impression.

What did the “construction” part of the business mean? 

Were they building houses? 

Remodeling kitchens? 

Installing decks?

Since we had established the best path for Jorge to make money long-term was remodeling, and it was the domain he was most passionate about, we needed a website domain that reflected that.

From an SEO standpoint, a relevant name plays a big role in improving your website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages.

If Google sees you have “remodeling” in your name, it assumes you’re a remodeler. If the content on your site also says you’re a remodeler, that’s even better.

And if all the traces you leave online, like social media, citations, videos, etc., all talk about remodeling, obviously, Google will give you the authority needed to rank as a remodeler in your area.

Notice how it all comes together once you understand that marketing is made of many different gears that need to work simultaneously for you to have a well-oiled lead-generating machine.

One Google Review

Another significant challenge Jorge faced when he approached us was the lack of customer reviews on their Google Business Profile (GBP).

When you do a great construction job, you’re bound to get a lot of solid word-of-mouth referrals that bring in warm leads and more money. Reviews act as virtual word-of-mouth referrals, and they’re public for everyone to see.

When you’re looking for a plumber on Google, who are you more likely to call? 

One that has one review or one with more than 60 reviews?

From a consumer’s perspective, reviews play a pivotal role in the decision-making process. We all read reviews before buying something, and most of the time, reviews make or break the deal.

Having only one customer review on your GBP is a significant disadvantage.

You see, search engines like Google prioritize businesses with a strong online presence, including a healthy number of positive reviews. 

A lack of reviews can signal to search algorithms that your business may not be as relevant or reputable, which can negatively impact your rankings.

We helped Jorge see the importance of online reviews, and he started reaching out to past customers and asking for reviews. 

If you want more information, you can read our getting contractor reviews article.

Targeting Low-ROI Services

One of the things we’ve noticed with these “reputable” marketing agencies is they make all sorts of claims about bringing you great leads and more money without the data to back them up.

Just like you would run away from a doctor who prescribes you a treatment without doing a diagnostic first, on our first call, we take a look to see if we can actually help you by finding the most profitable approach to your marketing.

We’ve had many clients who were barely surviving because they were not going where the money was. 

We know because we’ve done the research

By analyzing data such as:

If this is something you’d be interested in, we have a product called The Perfect Lead Locator that helps you do that. This is strategy that is usually reserved for big corporations, but we made it work for the “little guys”. We did this for Jorge, and we can do it for your business, too.

The Strategy

One of the things we always tell our clients is that they need to create a steady cash flow at all times. 

Strategies change as you make more money and can invest more

You should invest in all of your marketing channels that make you more money. It’s not a decision of this or that; it’s a decision of what you need at this stage of your growth.

When we analyzed Jorge’s situation, we quickly identified both the threats and opportunities he had.

As threats, he was facing the following:

As opportunities, we identified:

Also when creating a new brand on a new domain, it takes about 3-6 months more until things start to pick up. You need to do everything right, so Google sees that you’re a serious business and not a scammer looking to trick the system.

So, let’s talk about what we made possible for Jorge.

The Results

Remarkable Branding

What does remarkable mean? 

It’s not just extraordinary, impressive, or never-before-seen. Remarkable means worthy of making a remark about

And in the world of contracting, where competition is high, and you’ve got seconds to leave a good impression, every second matters.

When you couple a remarkable brand with a remarkable service, homeowners will share the word about you. 

Skyrocketing On-Site Average Time

In 2023, we put CB Remodels on the map and in Google’s mind.

Think of “new users” as potential customers walking through the door of your showroom for the first time. This means that 593 homeowners who were looking for bathroom remodeling in Pasadena found Jorge’s website and browsed his services.

Notice that the average time spent on the website is 2 minutes and 10 seconds.

To give you more context, people usually spend around 53 seconds on a website. In the fast-paced digital world, having a homeowner browse your remodeling website for 2 minutes gives you bragging rights.

These people looked at the services CB Remodels offered, considered their options, looked at pictures, read about costs, and more.

But the average time spent on the website isn’t the only increase we saw in terms of analytics.

Once we took over CB’s marketing, we tripled the total clicks and impressions of their site, which means Google considers Jorge’s website increasingly more relevant and is showing it more often in search results.

Metric Total Clicks Total Impressions
Oct 2022 - May 2023 120 20.7k
May 2023 - Feb 2024 363 69.1k
Total Increase 202.5% 233.6%

This is possible because we make your website relevant to homeowners and create a smooth user experience with a very clear goaltransform users into leads.

All of these numbers translate into more opportunities for jobs sold, more revenue for your business, and steady growth you can rely on.

Bathroom Remodeling Local Rankings Domination

We knew pushing Jorge to the top by the summer of 2023 was a challenge, especially since we only had a few months to get his SEO to start picking up. 

He chose the most aggressive plan and we went at it.

By May 2023, CB Remodels had risen to the top and started ranking in the top 3 (the green dots) with its bathroom remodeling services. 

And it didn’t stop growing.

This is why we keep saying you need to be consistent with your marketing plan. 

Watch those red dots turn into orange, eventually leading to that sweet green domination you want your business to have.

Crystal Clear Branding

Whether you’re rethinking your brand’s aesthetics or building it from the ground up, you need solid, clean visuals that speak to you and your clients, and are easy to remember.

Truck wraps are billboards on wheels, so you have to make them stand out. 

When you have your logo and your contact information on a vehicle that constantly moves around town, it’s like having free advertising for years, for just a one-time design and printing fees.

That’s how you create brand awareness. 

Plus, your clients will see you’re very professional when you show up to their homes with a branded truck.

Yard signs are also a cost-effective way to advertise your work in the neighborhoods where you have active projects. People passing by will see your contact information, which is like a visual endorsement of your work in the local community.

Branded shirts serve a dual purpose:

When your crew wears shirts branded with your company logo, they’re like walking advertisers for your business wherever they go. 

It makes them look more professional, and they put your brand out there in front of more people.

Door hangers are perhaps one of the finest forms of subtle marketing. 

They’re meant as a means to apologize for the noise generated by your work. In reality, they’re also advertising your services on the entire block. 

This direct approach can yield high conversion rates and generate leads in your target market.

Business cards are a timeless networking tool. 

They remind people that your business exists and have all the contact information needed for your clients to reach out to you.

Whether you’re attending industry events, meeting with clients, or networking with other professionals, having a stack of professional business cards means you are always prepared to make a memorable impression.

In all honesty, no matter how much I try to describe these business cards, they won’t do them justice. 

They are high-touch, high-feel luxury cards with a glossy finish and a pleasant texture. When you hand them out, it’s like giving away an American Express Platinum Card.

And the offline marketing assets we can design for you don’t stop there. 

From flyers to in-depth presentation brochures and catalogs, our team has the right skill set to make your brand remembered everywhere you go. 

Like this custom additions fence wrap that Jorge wanted to double down on this specific service.

Outranking Competitors

Not long ago, CB Remodels was buried deep on the second page of Google. 

But with the power of marketing systems combined and our efforts in the right direction, Jorge’s legacy stands today.

This is how much CB Remodel grew in Google’s eyes. 

They weren’t even on the first page of search results for “bathroom remodel.”

Today, they’re tied with that number 1 spot, and we’re pushing for that number 1 spot and leaving everyone else behind. Remember, these are the general rankings for a 30-mile radius, so that’s a huge win for a well-paid service like bathroom remodeling.

This is not a temporary victory; it’s a strategic move that pays dividends for years to come.

We don’t quit once we get you to rank first. We continuously monitor your competitors, push quality local content, update your website, optimize your GBP, and do everything we have to so Google understands you deserve to be #1 for other services, too. 

Here’s CB Remodels ranking exceptionally for kitchen remodeling AND home remodeling!

Key Takeaways

Jorge’s success story with Contracting Empire isn’t just about reaching revenue milestones — it’s about achieving freedom

Freedom to spend more time with the family, freedom to contribute to his community, freedom to make a difference.

Right now:

If you have similar goals and want to make online marketing work for you and your business, click below to get started.

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