Construction Website Development: 5 Essential Steps to Boost Your Online Presence

In the competitive contracting industry, having a dialed-in website is a must for standing out. Homeowners typically begin their search for services by looking you up online and without a professional-looking website, they might question if you’re the right choice.

A well-designed website attracts clients by showcasing your projects, providing clear, straightforward contact information, displaying options and features, showing reviews and testimonials, comparing before and after pictures, and speaking directly to the users.

Keep reading to find out how a great website can transform your contracting business!

Why a Website is a Game-Changer for Construction Companies

Key Features of an Effective Construction Website

Here are the features every construction website needs to be effective and engaging:

It’s important that your website looks good on all devices, especially smartphones, since over 60% of people enter your website from their mobile device. When your website is easy to navigate, it makes doing business with you feel just as simple.

creative closet website

High-quality photos and detailed descriptions of your projects are key. When people can see the quality of your work for themselves, they’re more likely to trust you can do the job.

project gallery

Reviews help show that your business is trustworthy which can also convince Google to show your website to more people. It’s a virtuous cycle: good work leads to good reviews, which leads to a higher profile on Google, which then leads to more clients and more opportunities to do good work!


Linking your social media to your website does more than just show off your latest posts. It helps you reach more people and build a community around your work.

Your contact details should be easy to find and simple to use. Whether it’s a phone number, an email, or a simple contact form, the easier it is for people to reach out to you, the quicker you can get down to business.

Steps in Developing a Construction Website

1. Planning

Developer is talking and planning a new website project

First, you have to decide what you really want your website to do. Are you aiming to attract new clients, show off your past work, or just give out info on what you do?

Most construction companies want a bit of everything, but knowing your main goal can guide how you balance these aspects. This approach helps homeowners find what they need without getting overwhelmed.

Ultimately, you want more clients, right?

That means converting website visitors into leads. So, while you’re showing off past projects or sharing helpful industry tips, remember that the end goal is to capture leads by getting their contact details and project information. This way, you can keep in touch and turn them into clients.

2. Design and Development

employee design user interface or UI prototype for mobile application or website software with software display on laptop monitor in office

When it comes to building your site, you’ll want to choose a platform that’s easy to handle and versatile. WordPress and Joomla are favorites because they’re straightforward and adaptable. Go with the one that feels the most comfortable to you and fits what you need.

After choosing your platform, it’s time to focus on making your website fast. Fast loading times and optimized images are crucial because visitors won’t stick around if your site takes too long to load.

To keep things speedy, compress images and limit extra features that might slow things down. This is your chance to make your website really reflect your brand. Pick colors and layouts that match your company’s style. You want your website to feel like a virtual extension of your business.

3. Content Creation

Content strategy for advertising and marketing

Content strategy for advertising and marketingStart by writing down what you do best – highlight your skills and the various types of construction jobs you’ve done. Share stories or examples of projects you’re proud of to show what you can do.

Regularly update your site with blog posts or articles that delve into topics you know best. This helps establish you as an authority in the field, giving readers confidence in your knowledge and skills.

Keep the language simple and straightforward, so everyone can understand, even if they’re not construction experts.

4. SEO Optimization

SEO is all about making your website easy for people (and Google) to find. When someone looks up services like yours, good SEO is what helps your site pop up near the top of the list.

It’s all about picking the right words that people use to search and getting links from other sites that point to yours. 

Think of it like setting up signs on a highway to guide more traffic to your shop.  

Because SEO is a specialized skill, it’s a good idea to work with professionals.

5. Maintenance

Keep your site in top shape with regular updates and security checks. Think of it as regular maintenance, just like you’d do on a construction site.

How a Marketing Agency Is Your Business's Best Friend

Here’s how partnering with a marketing agency can take your online strategy to the next level:


The process typically takes about 4 to 6 weeks, depending on your needs, but we aim to complete it in 4 weeks or less.

Absolutely! We’re proud of our work and happy to show you our portfolio, which showcases a variety of styles and approaches.

Take a look at a couple of our clients’ websites, such as Creative Closets and Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center.

We use the latest SEO tactics to make sure your site has content that Google loves.
Yes, we provide ongoing maintenance and support to keep your website running smoothly and up-to-date, but this service is available only to customers on a hosting plan. The plan costs $100/month and includes regular maintenance, small website updates, and security checks.

Grow Your Business With Contracting Empire

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Malina Mihaiu, Junior Copywriter @ Contracting Empire

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