Step 1. Getting the Data Together for your audit

Just like a doctor has to run a checkup before the diagnosis, we need some basic information from you so we can deliver the best results. Fill out the quick survey below.

There's power in specializing. Like a neurosurgeon will outearn a general doctor every time - a contractor specializing in a few services will outperform his competitors. It makes your processes more predictable, hiring easier, and fulfillment certain.

If you're having trouble choosing three services, think back to last year. What services did you perform most of, which ones did you enjoy, and which ones generated the most profit for your business? You don't need to fill in each service. For example, if you only do bathroom remodeling, just fill in the first field.

The user interaction audit is completely separate and costs $1,000. We record all user interactions with your website. You'll get insights into how people interact with your pages, where they get confused, and where they drop off. And how you can improve that flow to increase conversion rates. We need a sample of at least 100 recordings for insights to be relevant, so the time to do this specific audit depends on the number of monthly visitors you have.

There are a few special cases when you need this audit for your business. Sometimes those things are covered by the main audit. We'll tell you up-front if you don't need it. You won't be charged for this service until we start.